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Monday, January 8, 2018

Long-Term Goal | Blog ni Gigi

In relation to planning, aside from jotting down my weekly/monthly goal for this year (download your free planner in PDF format here) I also like to look a bit further and jot down my long-term goal. My long-term goal is a business concept I will explain further down. Please keep on reading.

I suddenly wanted to put up a business fund all thanks to Savings Pinay, I have a strong will to start it this year!

What is the idea?

I really love the idea of creating a plantation, this idea actually started when I was young and I thought why not try to do something about it so I can somehow say to myself that I did something to start it.

Just a bit of info…

I wrote down all my goals;

1.      Short-Term Goal-travel, social media, blog, work
2.    Long-Term Goal- how do I see myself in the future, what was my work like, what have I been doing that time,

Long-Term Goal’ this is what I thought I will be doing when I am half way of my life I think and I just like to say that I really love my idea and I have a lot of positive thoughts about it in my head and I think making it happen will be really fun.

There are actually a lot of things I wanted to achieve with this idea and here they are…

1.    The community will have access to fresh and the best produce.
2.    Planning to make it a local tourist spot where you can experience harvesting stuff and a small trek to enjoy nature.
3.    Plan to open up a small food business stall that will showcase our produce.
4.   Build a park around it similar to ‘eco park’. I’ve wanted one actually because I now feel the effect of Global Warming and I wanted it to be accessible to all.

On the other side…

Thinking about the future somehow weighs me down because in reality you really don’t have a grasp of what you will be in the future, you can only just plan but the Lord will always decide where and what you will be that time. Sorry, I always feel nostalgic about everything I guess, but this is a good ground to stand in actually.

Let’s start with something..

So, starting my game plan I will be saving money to buy a piece of land first. Take note that this will be a long-term plan and to tell you honestly this requires a huge amount of money that I don’t know where to get so it is safe to say that I can buy a piece of land after 10 years of saving!.

Since I have other priority this year, I can only open up a savings account for that, in our local Coop ‘San Jose Koop’ the minimum deposit is P 500.00 and I plan to save P 100.00 a week. I know this is so small but right now that is all I can bring to the table since I already exhausted all my resources for my short-term goal. If in case I am able to bring more money to the table by changing jobs this will surely change. But for now, I wanted to be as realistic as possible.

That’s it for now! Feel free to copy my idea by the way I really love this idea and wanted to see it happen in the future J.

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  1. This is a great idea, for me i actually took pictures and paste them somewhere near me so i can get the visual of what my dream or goal be like.. it gets me more inspired to work harder

    1. Yup! A vision board is a good idea too!!! ✨✨✨👍🏻
      Making an action plan is a good start as well! Small steps now will be huge in the future! Thanks for visiting the blog😍😍😍✨✨✨


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