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Monday, January 1, 2018

How to Stop Day Dreaming in 2018 || Reach Your Goals

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Happy New Year! I just realize that New Year 2018 start in Monday so I can’t skip Up Career.

Today I will share with you my top habits and/or mindset or things that I do to actually progress in reaching my Goals. These are the total opposite of what I did before by the way. Now that I learned my lesson I gladly want to share them and I hope you can pick out some inspirations that you can apply to yourself.

Let's start...

1.        Don’t wait- Do what you have to do. Or if you don’t know what you have to do like I do for the last years just sit down and gather your thoughts. Think of the things you wanted to do, what you want to be and what you want to achieve maybe a year after or two years after and so on.

2.     Stop dreaming! Yes I know you might be in the state of gathering your thoughts now but I tell you don’t sit there the whole time. Start creating actions that are fairly doable in your current situation. For example, I wanted to create blog last year and I don’t have an internet, what I did is rely on data. I save as much as data as I could, pre-write all my post and turn on the data when it’s time to copy paste.

Write it all down. When you have a lot of ideas it surely helps to organize your mind and write it down. After writing everything on a piece of note rewrite it again see in #4, because if I rely on my notes I ended up just losing the note so please continue reading..

3.     Map out actions base on your ideas. Again the printable planner is really helpful for me to schedule all those ideas down and execute them on the date where I have written it. It is both a schedule and a mandate to do all things I have to do. Like I said in the previous post it is really rewarding to see that I have accomplished a lot of things in a week so it’s all worth it! Get your Free Printable Planner Calendar and Planner Calendar Notebook Insert Here.

The sample of Planner/Calendar Notebook insert.
I ran out of ink that's why some text is not visible sorry for that, you can punch them lengthwise to insert in your current notebook

4.     Make it a habit- Now that you have pretty much mapped out the things you will do for the week be sure to do that again for next week and next-next week. Make it a habit to get up, think of an idea, and execute the idea.

5.     Don’t put all your energy in one goal. I am the type of person that easily loses attention so that is why my focus is not all out about blogging. Like I told you I have a full-time work and I do like to be an entrepreneur (this is one hard decision that I needed to plan and I needed advice myself because this is a bit of a huge decision). I am also saving for a vacation. I am currently working on my budget to check how much will go for travel. Those things actually occupy my head right now and I am writing it all down to my planner and check what are the ways to achieve it. 

6.     Prioritize- I am so thankful that I live with my parents so when my free time comes I don’t have to get up and do a lot of household chores. I still pretty much have the whole day for myself and work on everything that I have mapped out in my planner. Also, don’t forget your regular job, if it wasn’t for the salary I get from it, I will not be able to do all these things, so I say it is really important to make time for that as well and put perfection in all that you do! (don’t compromise)

7.     Pay/Reward yourself- I know this is the total opposite of the meaning of ‘pay yourself’ as explained by a lot of financial personalities (know the real meaning of  pay yourself from Chinkee Tan click here) but I just have to splurge a bit of about anything that interests me, maybe eating out, or a bit of shopping or buying ingredients to cook at home, that is so relaxing for me by the way. In this way I can bounce back to all the exhaustion I feel/burnout if I fell that I didn’t get to achieve what I wanted in time. This actually helps me to relax and breathe for a bit and gives me the energy to get up again. (thank God I don’t feel like this all the time, maybe once or twice a month is enough)

8.     Track down your progress. Again it will be helpful to write down your achievement and as well contemplate some of your ‘down time’. For example, my blog before wasn’t really searchable, it will take 14 days for my recent blog post to be searchable. Now I constantly upload a post that makes my new post searchable in two days. (Nice improvement right?) If ever I wanted to improve it again I might need to constantly post on my blog so the crawlers will visit it frequently. (that’s one tip if you are new to blogging)

9.   Seek advice from a person who has knowledge about your interest. My officemate before has a blog and I wasn’t able to know it until now and I am so thankful for his insights of what I have to do and steps I need to try out. I actually love to try his advice, some might not totally give a huge improvement in my blog but I am grateful that I tried it. Just like what he says it is a ‘trial and error’ and I am not afraid to try his advice again in different situations.  I also love to hear success stories from other bloggers and love to observe what they do best or what mistakes they might be doing so I can avoid it. Bottom-line asks for advice and learns from someone who knows your interest. It may be about business or something else, you don’t have to enrol to a certain course just focus on what you have first. Exhaust all your resources first, try to be wise and learn for free.  

That’s it! My top 9 habits/mindset to achieve the goals I set for myself this 2018.

Thanks for reading all the way. Let me know if you have your own ways to achieve your goals so I can apply it to myself too.

Happy New Year guys!!!!

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