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2018 Year End Reflections- Welcoming 2019 Strong! Blognigigi

My year has always been very challenging.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

After 3 Years Did I Earn Money from Blogging? | blognigigi | thoughts on Earning more


At first, creating a blog has liberated me on being able to do the things I really care for in life.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Ayuda sa Diskartech | P 1000 Pesos Free Money sa Mobile App


If na try nyo nang mag-download ng kung ano anong mobile apps para kumita ng pera magugustuhan nyo ang Diskartech.

Diskartech ay isang mobile banking App under RCBC at gaya ng Paymaya at G-cash nag-oofer ang Diskartech ng referral bonus sa bawat taong mahikayat mong i-download ang app.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Reaction Post: Nakikipaghiwalay Dahil Wala Daw Future

Ninth reaction post sa isang sender ng Pesos Sense and tungkol sa relasyon ang topic na may kasamang money matters.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Reaction Post: Remove, Unfriend, Block People??? Is that a Good Idea?

Eight reaction post to a quote posted to a popular facebook page pesos sense. 

Just like to share Christian Views about 'shutting everyone out'

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Reaction Post: Wala pa akong nakitang taong naghirap dahil nag-Ipon..

Seven'th reaction post sa quote na nahagip ng newsfeed ko sa Facebook.

Wala pa Akong Nakitang Taong Naghirap Dahil Nag-Ipon
Pero marami akong nakitang naghirap dahil nag-waldas.

Pano Ba Ang Disiplina? (not another motivational write-up)

Nagtataka rin ba kayo na sa dinami dami ng motivational videos na napanood nyo ay sadyang tamad pa rin kayo?

Yup, oo!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Pesos Sense Reaction Post : Ano ang Humahadlang Sayo Para Magipon?

Sixth reaction post sa page ng Pesos Sense. This time walang sender but a survey.

Ang tanong ay 'Ano ang humahadlang sayo para magipon?'

Peso Sense Reaction Post : Bago ka Maging Mabait sa Iba Unahin Mo Muna Ang Kapakanan ng Iyong Sariling Pamilya

Fifth reaction post about sa facebook page ng CFO Pesos Sense.

This time, walang sender na namromroblema but a simple quote about helping your family first before others.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

What to Do? First Period, Feminine Care, Things That wasn't talked about a lot

You must be freaking out to have your first period.

I did.

Reaction Post | Paano Magipon Pesos Sense

Third reaction post from CFO Pesos Sense sender na may katanungang 'paano magipon?'

Nabanggit nya sa post na nastuck sya sa thought ng pag-iipon.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Diskartech App Code AADU4862 Get P10 Pesos Free + Unlimited Earnings

Diskartech App a mobile banking app powered by RCBC bank has gained huge popularity.

If you haven't tried out diskartech app here's a code you can use to get P10 pesos Free. AADU4862

Dalagang Baon Sa Utang | Reaction Post sa isang OFW

Another reaction post about sa sender ng facebook page CFO Pesos Sense.

This time, isa syang OFW na 'baon sa utang'.

Relate much na naman ako, as an ex OFW hanggang ngayun ay di pa rin ako nakakabayad ng utang.

22 Years Old Wala Pa Ring Ipon | Reaction Post

Second reaction post sa mga nag-sesend ng story sa Facebook page ng Pesos Sense about money problems.

Napapansin ko na marami ng gustong mag-share ng experience ng mga anak about sa pag-abot ng pera sa magulang.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Ipon O Burger | Reaction Post tungkol sa Pag-iipon

Reaction post about sa post ng isang sender sa CFO Pesos Sense.

Nasa taas ang screenshot ng katanungan nya.

Medyo triggered kasi ako sa post nya and sobrang relate na relate ako.

Thoughts on Toxic Filipino Culture |

I think that there is no right or wrong answer in this particular subject.

Because either way you put your bias there will always gonna be some kind of criticisms.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pay Meralco No Convenience Fee Using Gcash

Community quarantine has forced a lot of us to be learn online things and that includes paying bills online.

Yes, we always pay all our bills the traditional way.

Fake It Till You Make It- My Take on Popular Self Help Quote

Have you ever use the quote ‘fake it till you make it’ on challenging situations you face on career or self-image?

This quote is so popular back then, that I made this my personal chant inside my head whenever I needed to succeed on something.

But does fake it till you make it works?

True or Not?

I don’t know about you, but my take on ‘fake it till you make it’ is something that you would pretend to be an expert about.

That if you pretend just long enough, you will eventually learn the trade and make it through and eventually be as an expert.

Job Interviews

When I first entered the adult world, right after graduation, I felt like everyone else and that is to get a job fast.

The pressure is on.

So on interviews, most of the time I ‘fake it till I make it’.

On job experiences that was required of work, I just try to connect them to my the job I did on OJT’s.

But in reality, my on-the-job trainings are merely photocopying errands and typing jobs.

My Reality About Fake it Till You Make It

I had pretty much bad experience about faking a lot of things especially when getting a job.

Because I pretty much don’t reach the point of ‘making it’. I am stuck to just faking it.

Which is a bummer because it caused a lot doubt and stress to myself.

What Should I Do to Succeed?

This too is one question I am trying to figure out myself.

I recently saw a content creator who share his two cents on how did he become successful in life.

And it totally struck me to my core because its just plain simple and to top it off, I think he has the best career advice even if he is not a motivational speaker.

I have read countless motivational speeches and book and none of it are direct to the point just like this Youtube creator.

Rant About Self Help Books

All what self help books do to you is just move you with their story and tell you your right and everyone’s else opinion are wrong.

Like, work and silence and let your success make a noise.

What was that about? Would you like to live your life like you are avenging everyone who belittles you?


But none of it really tells you how you can succeed on your own career path.

Yes you may copy them, exactly how they do it, but lets be real here, we all come from different backgrounds and circumstances might differ between my life and the life of that motivational speaker so things cannot be copied exactly as it is.

I still do admire some notable people like Roberto Kiyosaki, I just love his advice about ‘do not be afraid to fail when trying out things you like, value the lessons and don’t treat failing as failure but just learning experiences’ and if you want to be writer, then don’t work on a market where in you cannot practice what you like. (those are definitely not Roberto Kiyosaki’s exact words but these are just what imprints my mind about the stories he told on his book Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Back to what is better than ‘fake it till you make it’, here are the list of things that WheezyWaiter did to achieve his goals. (look him up on Youtube)

1.       Learn Stuff
2.     The $20 Rule
3.     Do the Job Before you Have It

What really struck me is the second and last one.

Let me begin with ‘do the job before you have it’, it just makes sense when he said that employers are hiring people who has job experiences but how can you able to have experiences if you just graduated right. (following the fake it till you make it quotes, it did not really end well with me so… I am not sure if it just me but when an employer is requiring experience some resort to fake it till you make it)

But the advice, do the job before you have it, is like learning on your own and having an experience without actually having the job itself.

Just like Wheezy Waiter did when he wanted to an editing job, he made videos on Youtube and posted them.

Then people he know, sees him as a person who makes videos and start referring him to companies who needed his skills on editing videos.

I don’t know if I am just stupid, but I just happen to realize that it is simple as making a portfolio.

Like make-up artist do, they take pictures of their work, some are free some are paid low, just to fill up their binder with pictures so people can see their talent.

And that is pretty much how you can get more clients.

Do the job before you have it… brilliant!

His second advice is the $20 dollar rule, this is pretty much is about having enough money to buy tools he need to edit videos.

So what he did is follow his father’s advice to save 20 dollars when he gets his paycheck from waiting tables.

With this rule he is able to buy a computer so he can start doing the job before he have it.


It doesn’t have to be the 20 dollar rule in my opinion, I think the main point here it to save money.

Save money and have the liberty to buy things you need to start the things that you like.

Final Thoughts

Faking it till you make it or do the job before you have it.

I think I am going to try the latter.

That is it.

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Watchlist ng Newbie PSE | Paano Nagagawa ang Watchlist?

Sobrang hirap tumingin at mag – analize ng stock araw-araw.

Minsan nakakaduling na. LOL

Paano ba nagagawa ng mga guru na gumawa ng watch list?

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

How to Be Ugly in A Week

Here are the things you should not do to look young, toned and fresh, the opposite of being ugly in a week.

Thing I Learned @ 30-ish

Being over 30 is kind of disgusting honestly, but anyway I am already in it so I just need to deal with it.

Here are the things I learned @ my 30- ish.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Mag-Ipon ng Pera Sa P500 Pesos na Kita?

credits to the owner

May mga post sa social media na nagtatanong, kung paano ba magipon ng pera kung ang kita mo ay P500 piso kada araw.

Minimum wage, sa madaling salita.

Clean Hands After Gardening- Avoid Fungal Infection

This pandemic has opened up a lot of people into gardening. That includes me.

Here’s an eggtray that is repurposed as seedling tray.

One problem I noticed when gardening is fungal infection on the skin. Fingernails and feet.

The reason must be because we are working on soil a lot.

I thought the simple remedy for fungal infection is just to wash your hand immediately with germ fighting soap after gardening.

But I found that germ fighting soap is no match with skin fungi.

Something else must need to be done.

I am already using virgin coconut oil on my body before bath, so I thought I try to use it again on the tip of my fingers.

Especially in the edges on my nails where fungi might live.

I just put a drop of virgin coconut oil on my hands and feet, massage it for a second and re-wash with germ fighting soap like safeguard to remove the stickiness.

And that is it. 

Did you find this post helpful?

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Earn with Diskartech 30 Pesos Free Each Referral

Want to earn with Diskartch,  30 Pesos Free from each referral.

Just download the app.

Testbuy For Newbies Don’t Follow the 8k Rule

Sharing a bit of my 2 cents about the 8k rule for newbies like us.

What I understand about the 8k Rule

Life Insurance Ok or Not?

My view of “life insurance” in general. 

Sun life, Saint Peter, Axa Life Insurance, for sure working on the corporate world have exposed all of us to getting these life insurance.
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